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Forget the traditional bulky multimedia receiver and connect your Flat screen TV or PC directly to your speakers digitally through USB, SPDIF or use your WiFi-player, e.g. a Squeeze Box. For completeness it's also possible to use analog sources (for example MP3 players) through the built-in A/D converter. The speakers are operated by a remote control for on/off and volume.



There are basically three possible ways to connect your signal source to the speakers.


  • USB
  • Analog


For best performance the digital connections are recommended. Bit depth/sample rates up to 24 bits/96kHz can be used. When using the analog input, the signal is first converted to digital using an A/D converter with 24 bit resolution.

OD10 | Omnidirectional Loudspeaker


The sound from these omnidirectional speakers will surprise you with its open and life like nature. It's a versatile loudspeaker that is very easy to connect, has built in amplifiers and active filters.


  • Active, i.e. with built-in amplifiers
  • Precision digital crossover
  • USB/SPDIF/analog input
  • Remote controlled
  • "Single point" omnidirectional using 7 High Quality speakers
  • Wide sweet spot (Position independent)


The bass performance is really good for the size of enclosure. The surface area of the six bass-midrange drivers equals a 10 inch speaker.



Power amplifiers are built-in

Audelity uses separate amplifiers for the woofers and the tweeter. All amplifiers are Class-D for lowest energy consumption but not sacrifying the sound quality. The world's most recognized Class-D amplifiers from Hypex are used for optimal performance. Output power is 100W for each amplifier, sufficient to get a decent sound level in a home environment.


Digital crossover

The input signal to the speakers should preferably be digital (even though analog is possible). The crossover between woofers and tweeters are performed in a digital signal processor, DSP, with extreme precision. The resolution is 24 bits and internal calculations are done with 56 bit precision. The DSP is also used to improve overall performance of the speaker and adapt it to home listening environments.


Point source

The OD10 speaker uses six woofers and one tweeter. The elements are arranged at the top of a hexagon shaped box for full omnidirectional sound. The woofers have a very narrow face plate and each of them has an opposite element thus cancelling the vibrational forces. The tweeter is facing upwards and the sound is distributed equally by a cone at the top. All speaker elements are positioned very close together to minimise lobing effects and to provide a point source for sound generation. The result is a very natural sounding speaker.



The speakers radiate the sound equally in all directions. Moving around is no problem. You will get a good sound quality no matter where you are in the room, even going to the next room will give you a very satisfying experience. For the best sound we recommend you to position the speakers 0.5 to 1 meter from the nearest walls.


Speakers being furniture

The OD10 speaker cabinets are made by a high-quality manufacturer in Sweden. Audelity acknowledge that the speakers are part of the room and the furniture. A lot of effort is spent to provide a good looking piece of equipment that fits in modern homes. You should be proud of having them in your home.


Colour and material

The cabinets are made of laquered MDF in satin finished black or white.